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PLUS: Positive PEA For Canada Nanocap

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🥂 Sprott Refreshes Shelf Prospectus

👏 Positive PEA For Canada Nanocap

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🥂 Sprott Refreshes Shelf Prospectus

Sprott Asset Management LP, on behalf of Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, filed a new US$1.5 billion preliminary base shelf prospectus in Canada, replacing the previous one from September 2023.

The Trust reconsidered implementing the much-awaited redemption feature aimed at aligning trust unit prices with net asset value. However, recent market trends have led to a decision against introducing this feature. As it stands, every pound of uranium bought by the trust goes to uranium heaven, and it will remain so. Additionally, under the new prospectus, the Trust commits to purchasing no more than 9.0 million pounds of uranium annually in the spot market.

We first thought this was a strange limit, but taking into consideration that purchasing 9 million lbs will likely cost about 100% or more of the trust’s $1.5 billion, it seems like this limit is a regulatory imposition in order to get the approval of the prospectus.

👏 Positive PEA For Canada Nanocap

Rokmaster Resources Corp. (TSXV: RKR) (OTCQB: RKMSF) (FSE: 1RR1) just announced positive results from the PEA for the Revel Ridge polymetallic gold-silver Project located in the Revelstoke area of southeastern British Columbia.


  • After-Tax NPV5.0% of C$454M

  • 21% IRR 

  • 3.2 Year Payback

Some investors use the 20-21% rule of thumb for a positive IRR — we don’t know why, but in that sense, this makes the cut. Also, this is a sub-C$10m company in Canada. Do we hate BC this much that this company gets no love, or are we going to see it rip in the new year?

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