⛏ Panama Copper Halted

PLUS: Power Nickel To Fight Shorts

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🙄 Panama Copper Halted

🤞 Power Nickel To Fight Shorts

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🙄 Panama Copper Halted

First Quantum Minerals Ltd.'s (TSX: FM) (LSE: FQM) (OTC:FQVLF) copper mine in Panama, Cobre Panama, is experiencing a significant operational wind-down due to an ongoing blockade.

A union leader has reported that small boats are blockading a key port, leading to critical shortages of essential supplies, notably coal, which is vital for the mine's energy needs. This disruption is severely impacting the mine's ability to operate effectively. As a consequence of these supply chain challenges, the workforce at the mine is being increasingly affected, with workers beginning to leave the site.

When will the mining industry come together to better educate the average person on the absolute necessity of mining? We must do more!

🤞 Power Nickel To Fight Shorts

Power Nickel Inc. (TSXV: PNPN) (OTCQB: PNPNF) (Frankfurt: IVV) is preparing to file a complaint regarding widespread potential illegal short selling of its shares.

CEO Terry Lynch, also the founder of Save Canadian Mining, along with advisors, has identified significant position imbalances in the company's stock, suggesting potential naked short selling and other manipulative actions aimed at artificially depressing share prices.

Power Nickel's forthcoming formal complaint aims to prompt investigations by CIRO and FINRA into investment banks maintaining these imbalances, which have grown from 3 million to over 9 million shares, affecting 80% of Power Nickel's float. 

If naked short selling can be stopped or curbed in this market, we would suffer a lot less. Fingers crossed.

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