⛏ Boundary Zone Discovery

PLUS: Porphyry Drill Insights

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🤔 Boundary Zone Discovery

😴 Porphyry Drill Insights

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🤔 Boundary Zone Discovery

FIREWEED METALS CORP. (TSXV: FWZ; OTCQB: FWEDF; FSE: M0G) announces final results from the 2023 Boundary Zone drilling campaign at its Macmillan Pass Project in Yukon, Canada.


  • 45.22 m of 18.98% zinc, 2.24% lead and 114.9 g/t silver 2.48% 

The price movement is shy 2.6% and the volume is still catching up, at the moment. The only question is: when buyout, Brandon?

😴 Porphyry Drill Insights

Hercules Silver Corp. (TSXV: BIG) (OTCQB: BADEF) (FSE: 8Q7) reports the results for drill hole HER-23-26 at its Hercules project in western Idaho, in the USA.


  • 100 m of 0.76% Cu, 113 ppm Mo, Within 461 Meters of 0.4% Cu, 74 ppm Mo.

At the moment, the price is still down at 10.3%. I guess all retail investors are after are ever-increasing grades and widths. Where are the goods?

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