⛏ American Critical Metals On The Rise

PLUS: Chinese Copper Shows Strength

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😎 American Critical Metals On The Rise

💪 Chinese Copper Shows Strength

🐦 Gold Miners Are Cheap

😎 American Critical Metals On The Rise

Glencore's Canadian subsidiary invested an additional C$2.1 million in Stillwater Critical Minerals (TSXV: PGE) to support its Stillwater West project in Montana, which focuses on nickel and also contains copper, cobalt, platinum group elements, and gold.

This project is noted for holding the largest nickel resource in an active US mining district, with a January 2023 report detailing 1.6 billion lb. of nickel, copper, and cobalt, plus 3.8 million oz. of palladium, platinum, rhodium, and gold in inferred resources.

The investment is part of a larger C$2.5 million funding round, with Glencore's portion being the largest. Previously, Glencore had bought C$4.94 million in units of Stillwater Critical, achieving a 9.99% ownership stake.

Glencore is buying up ALL the metals you absolutely hate right now.


💪 Chinese Copper Shows Strength

Shanghai copper prices remained stable on Friday, yet are on track for their most significant monthly increase in 16 months due to anticipated supply shortages.

The May copper contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange slightly rose, marking nearly a 5% gain this month, the largest since November 2022.

This surge follows Chinese copper smelters' decision to cut output amid copper ore scarcity, propelling prices to record highs. 

Got copper?

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🐦 Gold Miners Are Cheap

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